OpenStack cloud capabilities

OpenStack cloud capabilitiesΒΆ

The following capabilities are available to users of the MCP-based OpenStack clouds:

  • Upload and manage virtual machine disk images to object storage using the OpenStack Image (Glance) API.
  • Assign storage, network, and other infrastructural resources to the virtual machines upfront and at the runtime using the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) API.
  • Boot and run virtual machines on a KVM hypervisor under the OpenStack management from the uploaded images, or from block storage through the OpenStack Compute (Nova) API.
  • Migrate virtual machines between hypervisors and their groups, with or without interruption of the workload running on the virtual machine, depending on availability of a shared storage for disk images. This ability is provided by the Compute API.
  • Connect remote or local block storage resources to the virtual machines using the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) API.
  • Configure virtual load balancers through the OpenStack Load Balancing-as-a-Service (Octavia) API.
  • Configure DNS names for their virtual server instances through the DNS-as-a-Service (Designate) API.
  • Access all API endpoints of the OpenStack cloud over connections secured by SSL/TLS protocols.