OpenStack Cloud Provider infrastructure

OpenStack Cloud Provider infrastructure

The Cloud Provider infrastructure (CPI) is an OpenStack-based reference architecture for MCP. It is designed to provide a generic public cloud user experience to the cloud tenants in terms of available virtual infrastructure capabilities and expectations.

The reference customer persona for the MCP CPI reference architecture is a Cloud Services Provider, provider of a generic cloud service (public or private).

The CPI reference architecture is designed to support up to 2000 virtual servers or 150 hypervisor hosts. In addition to the desirable number of hypervisors, 9 infrastructure physical servers are required for the control plane. These include 3 servers dedicated to StackLight LMA services and 3 servers for the Neutron gateway nodes. The gateway nodes host virtual routers that provide network connectivity to virtual servers in the cloud.


Out of the box, the CPI reference architecture supports only Neutron OVS networking for OpenStack. DVR is enabled by default.

OpenContrail is not supported out of the box in the CPI reference architecture.

The following table describes the hardware nodes in the CPI reference architecture, roles assigned to them and the number of nodes of each type.

Physical servers for MCP
Node type Role name Number of servers
Infrastructure nodes (VCP) kvm 3
Infrastructure nodes (StackLight LMA) kvm 3
Tenant network gateway nodes gtw 3
OpenStack compute nodes cmp 50 - 150
Staging infrastructure nodes kvm 3
Staging infrastructure nodes (StackLight LMA) kvm 3
Staging tenant network gateway nodes gtw 3
Staging compute nodes cmp 2 - 5

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