Storage planning

Storage planningΒΆ

Depending on your workload requirements, consider different types of storage. This section provides information on how to plan different types of storage for your OpenStack environment.

You typically need to plan your MCP cluster with the following types of storage:

Image storage
Storage required for storing disk images that are used in the OpenStack environment.
Ephemeral block storage
Storage for the operating systems of virtual servers in an OpenStack environment, bound to the life cycle of the instance. As its name suggests, the storage will be deleted once the instance is terminated. Ephemeral storage does persist through a reboot of a virtual server instance.
Persistent block storage
Block storage that exists and persists outside a virtual server instance. It is independent of virtual machine images or ephemeral disks and can be attached to virtual servers.
Object storage
Storage for unstructured data with capabilities not provided by other types of storage, such as separation of metadata from other data and an API.