Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • [29926] Fixed the issue with the Ceph Hosts Overview Grafana dashboard displaying incorrect data in the AVG Disk Utilization panel.

  • [30204] Fixed the issue with the rate_interval drop-down menu missing in all Grafana dashboards for Ceph.

  • [30131] Fixed the issue with the WaitForHealthy function in the Ceph pipeline jobs that could get stuck for 16 minutes with no reason.

  • [29946] Fixed the issue with improper Ceph backup during the upgrade of a Ceph cluster from Jewel to Luminous using the Ceph - upgrade pipeline job. Added the BACKUP_DIR parameter that enables specifying of the target directory for the backup.

  • [29452] Fixed the issue with IPs being used by radosgw-swift instead of FQDN in the URLs for the admin and internal RADOS Gateway endpoints.

  • [27293] Added the capability to use permanent disk names during the Ceph deployment to prevent the disks names changing after each reboot or commissioning.