Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • [30840] Fixed the issue with the deployment failure of an OpenStack environment with OpenContrail 4.1 when applying the salt.minion.cert sls state.

  • [30596] Fixed the issue with the Xtrabackup formula not changing permissions for /usr/local/bin/ on the dbs01 node.

  • [30436] Fixed the issue with the Telemetry mdb nodes not using the Xenial image for deployment.

  • [30288] Fixed the typo in infra/init.yml of the Cookiecutter templates to correctly render the openstack_version and jenkins_pipelines_branch parameters values during a Reclass deployment model generation.

  • [30212] Fixed the issue with the DriveTrain update failing with the Docker containers for CI/CD services are having troubles with starting. error. The fix disables the Docker bridge in docker/host.yml of the Reclass model to prevent network conflicts.

  • [30068] Fixed the typo in the system.haproxy.proxy.listen.openstack.novanc_large class of the HAProxy haproxy/proxy/listen/openstack/large_setup.yml file in the Reclass system model, which prevented the creation of the deployment model for large OpenStack clusters.

  • [29923] Fixed the issue with the Deploy - OpenStack pipeline job being scheduled to run on the Jenkins master agent node instead of the slave agent node.

  • [29941] Fixed the issue with the Deploy - virt snapshot VM pipeline job using the PATH variable to store /var/lib/libvirt/images regardless of the system environment PATH. The fix renames PATH to LIBVIRT_IMAGES_PATH to avoid collision with system variables.

  • [27016] Fixed the issue with an MCP Kubernetes cluster with OpenContrail and StackLight failing to deploy due to the An un-handled exception was caught by salt’s global exception handler error in cloud-init. The fix improves the wait_time condition checks in config-drive/master_config.yaml of the MCP common scripts.

  • [30330] Fixed the issue with missing parameters for the IP and host name configuration for kvm nodes in the Model Designer web UI when the OpenStack Cluster Size parameter is set to Service Provider platform (50 to 150 nodes).

  • [30658] Fixed the issue with the tests being unstable in case of slow responses of the Salt Master node or connection loss.

  • [30401] Fixed the issue with no report being generated for the CVP - Performance tests Jenkins pipeline job.

  • [30277] Fixed the naming for Docker containers with tests, which caused an unexpected error in case of CVP jobs running simultaneously.

  • [30106] Added an exception that appears if a CVP job that requires the OpenStack component is run on a Kubernetes-based MCP cluster.

  • [29195] Fixed the issue with the TOOLS_REPO parameter that caused the CVP - Functional tests in offline mode to fail with the can’t read /home/rally/cvp-configuration/tempest/tempest_ext.conf: No such file or directory error message.

  • [30449] Fixed the issue with the cleanup script not working properly for the CVP - Functional tests CVP - Performance tests, and CVP - HA tests Jenkins pipeline jobs because of a wrong path set by default.

  • [30969] Fixed the issue with the HTTP/HTTPS protocols discovering in the CVP - Sanity checks UI tests.