Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • [30343] To prevent the issue with Alertmanager cluster synchronization failures, changed the version of Alertmanager to 0.14.0. Now, when deploying MCP Q4`18, Alertmanager v0.14.0 installs by default instead of v0.15.3.

  • [29228] Fixed the issue with the Telegraf Ceph input plugin failing to gather Ceph metrics after upgrading Ceph to Luminous.

  • [28126] Fixed the issue with no data being available in the Snapshots graphs of the Glance Grafana dashboard.

  • [24049] Fixed the issue with the name for the Elasticsearch cluster instance being set improperly, which could cause performance degradation.

  • [28803] Fixed the issue with Telegraf failing to gather OpenStack metrics in case of an incorrect deployment of one OpenStack compute node.

  • [29254] Fixed the issue that caused the queries with commas, such as abc{d="x",e="y"} to fail in Gainsight.

  • [30422] Fixed the issue with the rate interval variables in the Jenkins, Apache, and System disk I/O Grafana dashboards to display a dynamic rate interval instead of a static one.

  • [30558] Fixed the issue with inability to set the timeout for Prometheus Relay by adding the PrometheusRelayClientTimeout. Now, you can define the timeout for Prometheus Relay as described in MCP Operations Guide: Configure Prometheus long-term storage.

  • [26897] Fixed the issue with the libvirt-exporter logs being gathered with no severities.

  • [29246] Fixed the issue that could cause user lockout in case of a Salesforce authentication exception. Now, in case of wrong credentials provided, 30 seconds must pass before the next attempt.

  • [27144] Fixed the discrepancy in disk usage data between the Horizon web UI and the Nova - utilization dashboard in Grafana.

  • [30429] Fixed the issue with the Telegraf plugin for OpenStack randomly hanging on until a manual restart.