Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • 32205 Fixed the issue with massive nova-compute down alerts raising during a MySQL backup.

  • 31031 Fixed the issue with the Verify and Restore Galera cluster Jenkins pipeline job failing to restore the Galera cluster.

  • 30707 Fixed the issue with highstate failing for any kvm node.

  • 31587 Fixed the issue with DriveTrain VMs missing HAProxy after a redeployment.

  • 31877 Fixed the issue with the :guilabel: Deploy - OpenStack Jenkins pipeline job failing with the Data failed to compile error message in case you have previously configured the Nova directory on a separate device on the OpenStack compute nodes.

  • 31381 Improved the security of internal repositories in Gerrit.

  • 32132 Fixed the issue with some CVP pipelines failing when a cluster had a password-secured artifactory or image pulling was impossible. Introduced the force_pull parameter to enable or disable force pulling of an image and perform Docker run only. The CVP images are now pulled to the cid node automatically during deployment.