Known issues

Known issues

This section lists the MCP 2019.2.6 known issues and workarounds. For other MCP known issues also applicable to MCP 2019.2.6, see Known issues and corresponding sections in the previous maintenance updates.

[33878] OpenStack notifications missing in Kibana

Fixed in 2019.2.7

OpenStack notifications may be missing in the Kibana web UI after the update of RabbitMQ.


  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. Apply the following state:

    salt -C "I@fluentd:agent and I@rabbitmq:server" service.restart td-agent

[33909] The post-deployment Barbican state may fail

Fixed in 2019.2.11

During the post-deployment Barbican configuration changes or during the upgrade of an OpenStack environment with Barbican, the barbican.server state may fail with the "Rendering SLS 'base:barbican.server' failed: Jinja variable 'dict object' has no attribute 'key'" error. The error may occur, for example, due to the Mine data deletion after calling the mine.flush function.


  1. Obtain the Dogtag certificate location:

    salt -C 'I@dogtag:server:role:master' pillar.get dogtag:server:export_pem_file_path

    Example of system response:

  2. Apply the following state:


    In the state below, substitute the certificate path with the one you obtained in the previous step.

    salt -C 'I@dogtag:server:role:master' mine.send dogtag_admin_cert \ 'cat /etc/dogtag/kra_admin_cert.pem'
  3. Rerun the failed Barbican state.

[34116] Load balancer amphora may get stuck

A load balancer amphora may get stuck with BOOTING status after the update of MCP Control Plane and the log file may contain the WARNING octavia.amphorae.drivers.haproxy.rest_api_driver [-] Could not connect to instance. Retrying. error message. Once you update the gtw node, the amphora returns to the READY status. No workaround is required.