• [33758] To avoid the issue with the wait_for_ready Salt state failure when adding new MAAS machines, added the capability to ignore the already deployed machines using the ignore_deployed_machines option, which is set to False by default. To enable the option, use the following pillar:

          ignore_deployed_machines: true
  • [34129] Fixed the issue with the Deploy - upgrade MCP DriveTrain Jenkins pipeline job raising the Finished: FAILURE error message even in case it finishes successfully.

  • [34353] Fixed the issue with upgrade steps failing during the Deploy - upgrade control VMs Jenkins pipeline job execution when Octavia is running under WSGI.

  • [22774] Fixed the issue with the administrator credentials being visible in the Jenkins console for the CVP - Functional tests and CVP - Performance tests Jenkins pipeline jobs.

  • [31400] Fixed the issue with the CVP - Shaker network tests Jenkins pipeline job incorrect operation.