Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • [34561] [Pike] Fixed the issue with a Heat stack creation failing with the following error message: Key manager error: You are not authorized to perform the requested action: Using trust-scoped token to create another token. Create a new trust-scoped token instead.

  • [34542] [Pike] Fixed the community issue with Nova skipping the removal of a vhost user from libvirt.

  • [34486] [Pike] Fixed the following issues with the glance-cache-manage client commands:

    • Failure to operate if a real IP address of the Glance API, where Apache is listening, is specified instead of the local host.

    • Ignoring the OS_CACERT variable.

  • [34485] [Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with a Heat stack deletion failing with the too many values to unpack error message if the ExtraRoute resource uses IPv6.

  • [34479] [Pike] Fixed the Nova commands handling for the Nova API microversion 2.53 or greater.

  • [34307] [Pike] Fixed the issue with the NUMA topology of a new flavor being not considered during the resize of an instance.

  • [34462] [Queens] Fixed the issue with Horizon logging the user out with the 403 error message after an attempt to delete a public image created by an administrator.

  • [34434] [Pike to Queens upgrade] Fixed the issue with the upgrade of OpenStack Pike to Queens failing when running the Deploy - upgrade control VMs Jenkins pipeline job for the mdb role.

  • [33897] [Queens] Fixed the issue that caused listing of floating IPs to take a significant amount of time.

  • [33865] [Pike, Queens] Fixed the community issue causing the DBDeadlock error when managing a Neutron port.

  • [34250] [Pike] Fixed the issue with logs of the nova-conductor service containing a significant number of pymysql errors.