In the MCP 2019.2.8 maintenance update, Mirantis introduces the following enhancements for DriveTrain:

To obtain the enhancements, follow the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.

Update process improvement

Introduced full support for the capability to apply the maintenance update of a particular version using the TARGET_MCP_VERSION parameter in the Deploy - upgrade MCP DriveTrain pipeline job. For details, see step 2 in MCP Operations Guide: Update DriveTrain and step 15 in MCP Operations Guide: Upgrade DriveTrain.

System packages and applications update

Added the capability to update the installed applications and system packages, including kernel, when updating DriveTrain to a minor version starting from the maintenance update 2019.2.2 to versions starting from 2019.2.8. Added the OS_DIST_UPGRADE and OS_UPGRADE parameters to the Deploy - upgrade MCP DriveTrain Jenkins pipeline job.

System packages upgrade before deploying an MCP environment

Implemented the DIST_UPGRADE_NODES parameter to the Deploy - OpenStack Jenkins pipeline job to enable or disable apt-get dist-upgrade on all cluster nodes before deploying a new MCP environment. Disabled by default.

Automatically apply the cluster model workarounds for DriveTrain

Implemented the APPLY_MODEL_WORKAROUNDS parameter to the Deploy - upgrade MCP DriveTrain Jenkins pipeline job to enable or disable automatic application of the Reclass cluster model workarounds when updating DriveTrain to 2019.2.8. Enabled by default.