Update DriveTrain

Update DriveTrainΒΆ

Within the scope of a major MCP release version, maintenance updates containing enhancements to the existing features, proactive security and critical bug fixes are being released with minor release versions. For details, see: MCP Release Notes: Maintenance updates. Before applying maintenance updates to an MCP cluster, the DriveTrain update is required.

To update DriveTrain to a minor release version:

  1. For MCP clusters with local mirrors enabled, Update local mirrors.

  2. If you are applying maintenance update 2019.2.15 or later, synchronize the upgrade pipeline jobs with the default parameters:

    1. Log in to the Jenkins web UI.
    2. Run the following Jenkins pipeline jobs with default parameters:
      • git-mirror-downstream-mk-pipelines
      • git-mirror-downstream-pipeline-library
  3. Switch mcp-ci/pipeline-library to the version you are planning to update to. In the branch value refs/tags/2019.2.X, substitute X with the desired maintenance update version. For example, if you are applying maintenance update 2019.2.17, use the following command:

    salt -C "I@jenkins:client:lib" state.sls jenkins.client.lib pillar='{"jenkins": {"client": {"lib" : {"pipeline-library" : {"branch": "refs/tags/2019.2.17"}}}}}'
  4. Follow the Upgrade DriveTrain to a newer release version procedure and the same Deploy - upgrade MCP DriveTrain Jenkins pipeline job:

    • If you are applying maintenance updates starting from version 2019.2.2 to 2019.2.8, consider specifying the following parameters in the DRIVE_TRAIN_PARAMS field. For later versions, the parameters are predefined and set to false by default.
      • OS_DIST_UPGRADE - do not set to true unless you want the system packages including kernel to be upgraded using apt-get dist-upgrade.
      • OS_UPGRADE - do not set to true unless you want all installed applications to be upgraded using apt-get upgrade.
    • If you are applying maintenance updates from any version to 2019.2.8 or later, select APPLY_MODEL_WORKAROUNDS to apply the cluster model workarounds automatically unless you manually added some patches to the model before the update.
    • Set the TARGET_MCP_VERSION parameter specifying the current MCP release version. For example, if your current MCP version is 2019.2.0, specify 2019.2.0.
    • Starting from 2019.2.8, alternatively, set the TARGET_MCP_VERSION, MK_PIPELINES_REFSPEC, and GIT_REFSPEC parameters to the desired maintenance update version. For example, to update from 2019.2.7 to 2019.2.8, specify 2019.2.8.


    Starting from the maintenance update 2019.2.15, Jenkins update is run asynchronously. After you update DriveTrain, wait until Jenkins is updated and restarted several times. To verify that Jenkins update is finished, run the salt-run jobs.active command from the Salt Master node. Consider the update finished if the output does not include an active task named jenkins.client.

  5. Optional. Upgrade system packages on the Salt Master node as described in the step 16 of the Upgrade to MCP release version 2019.2.0 procedure.

  6. Update GlusterFS.

Once you update DriveTrain, proceed with applying maintenance updates to your MCP cluster components as required. For details, see: Update an MCP cluster.