MCR 23.0 Compatibility Matrix

Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR) enables containers to run efficiently on any substrate, powering business critical applications at leading companies worldwide.

Mirantis validates MCR for the operating system environments specified here, adhering to the MKE, MSR, and MCR Maintenance Lifecycle. Support for MCR is defined in the Mirantis Cloud Native Platform Subscription Services agreement.


  • MKE 3.5.x and 3.4.x do not support Windows Server 2022.

  • OS distributed versions not listed in the following matrix are not supported under Standard Support Subscriptions. For such versions, contact your Mirantis rep to discuss support options.


CentOS 8 entered EOL status as of 31-December-2021. For this reason, Mirantis no longer supports CentOS 8 for all versions of MCR. We encourage customers who are using CentOS 8 to migrate onto any one of the supported operating systems, as further bug fixes will not be forthcoming.


Max. supported Client API






7.9.2009, 7.8.2003

Oracle Linux 1

8.6, 7.9, 7.8


9.0, 8.7, 8.6, 8.5, 8.4, 7.9, 7.8

Rocky Linux

8.6, 8.5


15 SP4, 12 SP5


20.04.5, 20.04.4 2, 20.04.3, 20.04.2, 20.04.1, 20.04.0, 18.04.6, 18.04.5, 18.04.4, 18.04.3, 18.04.2, 18.04.1, 18.04.0

Microsoft Windows Enterprise Server

2022, 2019


Regarding the Oracle Linux kernel, only Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK) 3.10.x is supported. Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) is not supported.


A known critical issue is present in the 5.13.0-1028-aws and 5.13.0-1029-aws kernels of the Ubuntu AMIs on AWS. The issue was resolved in the 5.13.0-1030-aws kernel. If you are an AWS user, refer to Docker container creation causes kernel oops on linux-aws and Docker container ports cannot be allocated, otherwise check with your cloud provider.