Release date


Upstream release


MCR 23.0.10

Moby 23.0.10 and Docker CLI 23.0.10


Following the initial MCR 23.0.10 patch release, as testing and internal usage continued, it was discovered that Mirantis customers on Linux could be impacted by an upstream race condition issue in the 1.6.30-rc.1 version of containerd. To remedy the matter, Mirantis quickly replaced that version of containerd with a new version, containerd 1.6.30-rc.2.

Mirantis recommends that you check the containerd version on your MCR 23.0.10 deployment. If you have containerd 1.6.30-rc.1, download and install containerd 1.6.30-rc.2.

To learn more about the upstream race container issue, refer to Mirantis patches containerd to address race condition on the Mirantis blog.


MCR 23.0.10 comprises the Moby 23.0.10 upstream release.

Changes specific to MCR

  • MCR contains the following component updates:

    • containerd 1.6.30-rc.2

    • runc 1.1.12-rc1.m1

    • cri-dockerd 0.3.11

    • Fipster (Go runtime) go1.21.8m1

Changes from upstream

The upstream pull requests detailed in the sections that follow are those that pertain to the MCR product. For the complete list of changes and pull requests upstream, refer to the GitHub milestones.

GitHub milestones

The Github milestones offer full detail on the pull requests and changes as they correlate to the upstream Moby 23.0.10 release:

Major component versions

Version detail for the major components that comprise MCR 23.0.10 is presented in the table below: