Product Overview

Mirantis Secure Registry 4 is an Enterprise-grade container registry solution that can be integrated easily with standard Kubernetes distributions to provide tight security controls for cloud native development. Based on Harbor, which is open source and the only CNCF graduated container registry, this Mirantis product can serve as the core of an effective secure software supply chain.

Using MSR 4, you can automate the security of your software supply chain, securely storing, sharing, and managing images in your own private container registry, to automate the security of your software supply chain.

With MSR 4, you can:

  • Run the software alongside your other applications in any standard Kubernetes version from 1.10 and up, deploying it with Docker Compose or a Helm chart.

  • Secure artifacts through policies and role-based access control (RBAC), to ensure your container images are free from vulnerabilities.

  • Improve DevOps collaboration while maintaining clear boundaries, by creating and pushing multiservice applications and images and making these resources accessible within your company.

  • Accelerate image distribution using peer-to-peer (P2P) preheating capabilities.

  • Automatically promote images from testing through to production in a controlled manner, thus ensuring that they comply with your defined security minimums, before mirroring containerized content to distributed teams using policy-based controls.

  • Integrate the software into your development pipeline using webhooks. In this way, policy-based promotion automates compliance checks to secure your application supply chain.