Configure Telegraf

Configure TelegrafΒΆ

The configuration of the Telegraf agent is stored in the telegraf section of the Reclass model.

To configure Telegraf:

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. Configure the telegraf section in the classes/cluster/cluster_name/init.yml file of the Reclass model as required.

  3. Apply the Salt formula:

    salt -C 'I@linux:system' state.sls telegraf

Example configuration:

    enabled: true
    interval: 15
    round_interval: false
    metric_batch_size: 1000
    metric_buffer_limit: 10000
    collection_jitter: 2
          port: 9126
        engine: prometheus

In the example above, the Reclass model is converted to a configuration file recognized by Telegraf. For details about options, see the Telegraf documentation and the */meta/telegraf.yml file in every Salt formula.

The input and output YAML dictionaries contain a list of defined inputs and outputs for Telegraf. To add input or output parameters to Telegraf, use the same format as used in */meta/telegraf.yml of the required Salt formula. However, this should be performed only by deployment engineers or developers.