Use Kibana filters and queries

Use Kibana filters and queriesΒΆ

Filters and queries have similar syntax but are used for different purposes:

  • Filters are used to restrict what is displayed in the Kibana dashboard.
  • Queries are used for free-text search.

You can combine multiple queries and compare the results. You can also further filter the log messages. For example, to select the Hostname filter:

  1. Expand a log entry.

  2. Select the Hostname field by clicking on the magnifying glass icon as follows:


    This will apply a new filter in the Kibana dashboard:


Filtering works for any field that has been indexed for the log entries that are present in the Kibana dashboard.

Filters and queries can also use wildcards that can be combined with the field names like in Logger.keyword: <name>. For example, to display only the Nova logs, enter Logger.keyword:openstack.nova in the query text box as follows: