Enable L2 Gateway support

Enable L2 Gateway support

The L2 Gateway (L2GW) plugin for the Neutron service provides the ability to interconnect a given tenant network with a VLAN on a physical switch. The basic components of L2GW include:

  • L2GW Service plugin

    Residing on a controller node, the L2GW Service plugin notifies the L2GW agent and normal L2 OVS agents running on compute hosts about network events and distributes the VTEP IP address information between them.

  • L2GW agent

    Running on a network node, the L2GW agent is responsible for connecting to OVSDB server running on a hardware switch and updating the database based on instructions received from the L2GW service plugin.

Before you proceed with the L2GW enablement, verify that the following requirements are met:

  • OVSDB Hardware VTEP physical switch enabled

  • L2 population mechanism driver enabled

To enable L2GW support:

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. In the classes/cluster/<cluster_name>/openstack/control.yml file of your Reclass model, configure the OpenStack controller nodes by including the service.neutron.control.services.l2gw class.

  3. In the classes/cluster/<cluster_name>/openstack/gateway.yml file of your Reclass model, add the Neutron L2GW agent configuration. For example:

          enabled: true
          debug: true



    User-defined identifier of a physical switch, which is a name that will be used in the OpenStack database to identify this switch.

  4. Apply the neutron state to the server nodes to install the service plugin packages, enable the L2GW service plugin, and update the Neutron database with the new schema:

    salt -I 'neutron:server' state.sls neutron -b 1
  5. Apply the neutron state to the gateway nodes to install the L2GW agent packages and configure the OVSDB parameters that include a switch pointer with the IP address and port:

    salt -I 'neutron:gateway' state.sls neutron
  6. Verify that the L2GW Neutron service plugin is enabled in your deployment:

    1. Log in to one of the OpenStack controller nodes.

    2. Verify that the following command is executed without errors:

      neutron l2-gateway-list