Troubleshoot Ironic

Troubleshoot IronicΒΆ

The most possible and typical failures of Ironic are caused by the following peculiarities of the service design:

  • Ironic is sensitive to possible time difference between the nodes that host the ironic-api and ironic-conductor services.

    One of the symptoms of time being out of sync is inability to enroll a bare metal node into Ironic with the error message No conductor service registered which supports driver <DRIVER_NAME> Although, the DRIVER_NAME driver is known to be enabled and is shown in the output of the ironic driver-list command.

    To fix the issue, verify that the time is properly synced between the nodes.

  • Ironic requires IPMI access credentials for the nodes to have the admin privilege level. Any lower privilege level, for example, engineer precludes Ironic from functioning properly.