Reprovision a gateway node

Reprovision a gateway nodeΒΆ

If an tenant network gateway node is down, you may need to reprovision it.

To reprovision a gateway node:

  1. Verify that the name of the gateway node is not registered in salt-key on the Salt Master node. If the node is present, remove it:

    salt-key | grep gtw<NUM>
    salt-key -d gtw<NUM>.domain_name
  2. Add a physical node using MAAS as described in the MCP Deployment Guide: Provision physical nodes using MAAS.

  3. Verify that the required gateway node is defined in /classes/cluster/<cluster_name>/infra/config.yml.

  4. Generate the node definition, by applying the state on the Salt Master node:

    salt '*cfg*' state.sls
  5. Verify that the target node has connectivity with the Salt Master node:

    salt '*gtw<NUM>*'
  6. Verify that the Salt Minion nodes are synchronized:

    salt '*gtw<NUM>*' saltutil.sync_all
  7. On the added node, verify that salt-common and salt-minion have the 2017.7 version.

    apt-cache policy salt-common
    apt-cache policy salt-minion


    If the commands above show a different version, follow the MCP Deployment guide: Install the correct versions of salt-common and salt-minion.

  8. Perform the initial Salt configuration:

    salt '*gtw<NUM>*' state.sls salt.minion
  9. Set up the network interfaces and the SSH access:

    salt '*gtw<NUM>*' state.sls linux.system.user,openssh,,ntp,neutron
  10. Apply the Salt highstate on the gateway node:

    salt '*gtw<NUM>*' state.highstate