Verify the OpenContrail svc-monitor

Verify the OpenContrail svc-monitorΒΆ

The contrail-svc-monitor service listens to the configuration changes of the service templates and service instances as well as spawns and monitors virtual machines for the firewall, analyzer services, and so on. In the multi-node deployments, it works in the active/backup mode.

This section describes how to verify if the svc-monitor is flapping.

To verify that svc-monitor is not flapping:

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. Run the following command every 20 seconds many times, until the contrail-svc-monitor status changes to active on one ntw node and to backup on other ntw nodes:

    salt 'ntw0*' 'contrail-status -d | grep monitor'

    Example of system response:

    contrail-svc-monitor          backup     pid 28442, uptime 7 days, 5:45:53
    contrail-svc-monitor          backup     pid 31439, uptime 7 days, 5:46:30
    contrail-svc-monitor          active     pid 7069, uptime 7 days, 5:46:35

If contrail-svc-monitor service with active state during tests and uptime of all processes is not restarted, then the contrail-svc-monitor is not flapping. Otherwise, proceed to Verify the default route in VRF.