Verify the OpenContrail schema flapping

Verify the OpenContrail schema flappingΒΆ

The connection issues from a VM to the Internet may be caused by the OpenContrail schema flapping. The contrail-schema may be flapping, for example, if at least one OpenContrail object has a non-ASCII character in its name.

To verify that OpenContrail schema is not flapping:

  1. Log in to any Mirantis OpenContrail controller ntw node.

  2. Run one of the following commands:

    • Using the contrail-status command:

      watch -n 5 "contrail-status -d | grep schema"

      Example of system response:

      Every 5.0s: contrail-status -d | grep schema       Thu Nov 23 09:33:35 2017
      contrail-schema               backup              pid 28441, uptime 0 days, 00:00:31

      The contrail-schema status must be backup or active.

    • Using the contrail-schema status command:

      watch -n 5 "service contrail-schema status"

      Example of system response:

      Every 5.0s: service contrail-schema status            Thu Nov 23 09:36:28 2017
      contrail-schema                  RUNNING    pid 28441, uptime 0 days, 00:00:24

      The contrail-schema status must be RUNNNING.

      If the status is other than RUNNING, verify the contrail-schema logs to fix the issue. See step 5 for details.

  3. Repeat the previous step on all ntw nodes.

  4. Using the commands from the step 2, verify uptime and pid of contrail-schema. If pid is changing or uptime is reset every one or two minutes, schema is flappig.

  5. If the OpenContrail schema is flapping, inspect its logs located in the /var/log/contrail/contrail-schema-stdout.log and /var/log/contrail/contrail-schema.log directories.

    In the logs, if the or file are affected, it may be caused by a non-ASCII character in the name of some object. For example, tenant, network, subnet names, and so on.