Before you start upgrading the OpenContrail nodes of your MCP cluster, complete the following prerequisite steps:

  1. Configure the server and client roles for Cassandra and ZooKeeper as described in OpenContrail 3.2: Create a backup schedule for a Cassandra database and OpenContrail 3.2: Create a backup schedule for a ZooKeeper database.

  2. If you are going to upgrade the compute nodes after upgrading the OpenContrail controller nodes, prepare the compute nodes for upgrade. Since the discovery service is removed in OpenContrail starting from v4.0, configure the endpoints statically:

    1. In cluster/<name>/opencontrail/compute.yml, add the system.opencontrail.compute.upgrade class under the system.opencontrail.compute.cluster:

      - system.opencontrail.compute.cluster
      - system.opencontrail.compute.upgrade
    2. Apply the opencontrail.compute state on the compute nodes.

    3. In cluster/<name>/opencontrail/compute.yml, remove the system.opencontrail.compute.upgrade class.

Now, proceed to Prepare the cluster model.