Upgrade an MCP cluster

Upgrade an MCP clusterΒΆ


Before proceeding with the upgrade procedure, verify that you have updated DriveTrain including Aptly, Gerrit, Jenkins, Reclass, Salt formulas, and their subcomponents to the current MCP release version. Otherwise, the current MCP product documentation is not applicable to your MCP deployment.

Use the procedures in this section to upgrade your MCP cluster. More specifically, major upgrades enable:

  • Upgrading the MCP release version to the latest supported Build ID
  • Delivering new features of MCP Control plane
  • Updating the LCM platform
  • Upgrading host and guest operating systems to new versions including kernels
  • Upgrading between major OpenStack releases
  • Upgrading a Kubernetes cluster including Calico and etcd
  • Upgrading the OpenContrail nodes from version 3.2 to 4.1
  • Upgrading StackLight LMA
  • Upgrading Ceph


Before upgrading your MCP cluster, verify the compatibility of different components versions in a specific MCP release. For details, see MCP compatibility matrix.

This section describes the upgrade procedures of the MCP components.