Update an MCP cluster

Update an MCP clusterΒΆ

Use the procedures in this section to apply minor updates to specific components of your MCP deployment with granular control requiring manual interventions.

Minor updates enable:

  • Delivering hot fixes to source code of OpenStack, Kubernetes, or MCP Control Plane
  • Updating packages for an OpenStack service
  • Updating the OpenContrail 4.x nodes
  • Applying security patches to operating system components and packages
  • Updating Virtlet to minor versions within the scope of a major release version
  • Updating Ceph packages to latest minor versions
  • Updating StackLight LMA


To update a Kubernetes cluster, refer to Update or upgrade Kubernetes.

The sequence of steps to be completed for the MCP components during a maintenance update is described in the Apply maintenance updates section of the corresponding MCP maintenance update version in MCP Release Notes: Maintenance updates.