Verify StackLight LMA after upgrade

Verify StackLight LMA after upgradeΒΆ

Once you have upgraded StackLight LMA as described in Upgrade StackLight LMA to Build ID 2019.2.0, verify that the upgrade succeeded and all StackLight LMA components are up and running.

To verify StackLight LMA after upgrade:

  1. Inspect the execution logs of the Salt states for any errors.
  2. Verify the availability of the Prometheus, Prometheus long-term storage, Grafana, Kibana, and Alertmanager web UIs as described in the corresponding sections of StackLight LMA operations. If you have deployed Alerta, also verify the Alerta web UI.
  3. Verify the Prometheus targets in the Prometheus web UI.
  4. Verify the Alertmanager alerts in the Alertmanager web UI.
  5. Verify the data availability:
    1. Inspect the Main and Prometheus performances Grafana dashboards to verify that the data sources operate and metrics are available.
    2. Inspect the dashboards of the Kibana web UI for the No results found error message occurrence.
    3. In the Kibana web UI, filter and inspect the error messages, if any.