Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • [36071][Queens] Fixed the issue causing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) outage in Cinder.

  • [35971][Salt] Fixed the issue with the nova Salt state failing to control the /etc/nova/nova-compute.conf file.

  • [35977][Pike, Queens] Updated the python-cryptography package to fix the issue causing a memory leak in the nova-compute process.

  • [36115][Pike] Fixed the issue with Nova trying to delete VM ports even if they were explicitly passed to it at server creation.

  • [36002][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue occurring after reboot of an OpenStack compute node and causing the SR-IOV instances to fail to start on that node.

  • [35866][Pike] Fixed the issue with volume creation from an image of a large size taking a significant amount of time.

  • [36075][Pike] Fixed the issue with Gnocchi not generating instance resources from private flavors.

  • [36060][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with Heat stack deletion failing due to a race condition. For details, see the community issue.

  • [35954][Pike] Fixed the issue with inability to reconnect to the rabbitmq-server after powering-off one of the RabbitMQ nodes when RabbitMQ is running in a clustered configuration. For details, see the community issue.

  • [35947][Queens] Fixed the issue causing the IPv6 fixed address of a port to be assigned and listed as belonging to an IPv4 subnet.

  • [35923][Queens] Fixed the issue with the Octavia load balancers sporadically switching to the ERROR state.

  • [36074][Pike] Fixed the issue causing rebuilding of one or multiple VMs to fail with the VirtualInterfaceCreateException: Virtual Interface creation failed exception after performing a cold migration.

  • [36004][Pike] Fixed the issue causing Nova and Neutron to incorrectly assign interfaces.

  • [35953][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with OpenStack flavor details being not visible in the OpenStack CLI commands.

  • [35807][Pike, Queens] Added automatic startup for OVS bridges to fix the issue with the SystemRxPacketsDroppedTooHigh StackLight alerts raising false-positively.

  • [35955][Pike, Queens] Improved the Ceilometer Salt formula to fix the issue with inability to modify the pipeline_processing_queues parameter in ceilometer.conf.