• Fixed the issue with the false positive failures of the CVP - Sanity checks Jenkins pipeline job during the Jenkins check and the check of the Docker images on the cid nodes.

  • Fixed the repository replacement issues in the Deploy - upgrade MCP DriveTrain Jenkins pipeline job.

  • Fixed the issue with unencrypted OpenLDAP admin password that caused the phpldapadmin Docker service to fail with write error: Broken pipe.

  • Fixed the issue with the Verify and Restore Galera cluster Jenkins pipeline job failing for a Galera cluster in the healthy state.

  • Fixed the issue with the CVP - Functional tests, CVP - HA tests, and CVP - Performance tests Jenkins pipeline jobs failing if the TARGET_NODE parameter was not set. Now, if this parameter is empty, the node with the gerrit:client pillar will be used, cid01 by default.