• Updated the Keepalived package to version 1.3.9 to fix the Tempest smoke tests failures.

  • [Queens] Updated the ExaBGP package to version 4.0.2-2~u16.04+mcp to fix the package installation failure during the OpenStack environment upgrade.

  • [Pike] Updated the OpenStack Nova package to version 16.1.7-4~u16.04+mcp149 and the OpenStack Neutron package to version 11.0.6-2~u16.04+mcp185 to allow a MAC address change for the direct-physical port type during cold migration and resizing of instances and to fix the DHCP addressing operations.

  • [Queens] Fixed the Nova _populate_pci_mac_address function to prevent erroneous logging of a module instead of pci_request_id. Also, implemented proper handling of IndexError in _populate_neutron_binding_profile.

  • [Queens] Fixed the issue with the nova-compute service failing to start if an instance from the compute node has been evacuated and destroyed after that.

  • [Queens] Fixed the issue with the disk usage report for instances booted from volumes. Previously, when booting an instance from a volume, the used_disk value in the hypervisor stats was getting increased by the size of the requested volume while the instance itself was not using any hypervisor disk resources.

  • Fixed the issue with the os-vif plugin recreating the existing OVS port after the nova-compute service restart.

  • Fixed the issue with the OVS bridge br-bond1 not being attached to the physical bond1 interface during a compute node deployment.

  • Fixed the issue with DNS not working after deployment of an OpenStack-based MCP cluster.

  • Fixed the issue with the BGP VPN update failure that occurred because the signature of the update_bgpvpn_precommit method did not match the one for networking-bgpvpn in The fix updates the signature for the ODL v2 driver for BGP VPN.

  • [Queens] Fixed the issue with the Horizon dashboard not displaying a confirmation alert when closing the Create image window.