Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • 33577 Fixed the issue with Prometheus Elasticsearch exporter failing to query Elasticsearch through HTTPS.

  • 32966 Fixed the issue with the procstat_running metric value being always 1 even in case of a process failure.

  • 33351 Fixed the incorrect view of the gauge threshold panels of the RabbitMQ Grafana dashboard.

  • 32794 Disabled stacking for the Client IOPS by pool panel of the Ceph pools overview Grafana dashboard to avoid misinterpretation of the pools values appearance.

  • 33727 Fixed the search patterns for the Kafka and Cassandra processes to avoid KafkaServiceDown and CassandraServiceDown false positive alerts.

  • 33543 Fixed the issue with a wrong file path for the Horizon access log in the Fluentd configuration on the prx nodes.