• [34884][Queens] Fixed the issue with the SolidFire Cinder volume driver inability to connect to the SolidFire storage.

  • [35100][Pike] Fixed the community issue with incorrect IPv6 lease entries causing the failed to parse lease database, invalid line error when initializing dnsmasq.

  • [35035][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with the heat-engine service connection timeout when listing all existing security groups during an OpenStack port creation. Now, the security groups are filtered by project ID in list_security_groups.

  • [34824][Pike] Fixed the issue with the OpenDaylight password being exposed in the Ceilometer log files.

  • [34870][Pike] Fixed the issue with the designate.server Salt state failing to apply changes to policy.json.

  • [34059][Queens] Fixed the issue that caused modifying a project through the Horizon web UI to fail with the Quota value(s) cannot be less than the current usage value(s): 2 Instances used. error message. The issue affected deployments with OpenContrail.

  • [34843][Queens] Fixed the issue with the Neutron Salt formula being unable to manage the Nova metadata protocol for Neutron.

  • [34790][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with the novav21 client state removing hosts from aggregates if the hosts were defined within the OpenStack compute node definitions and the aggregates were ensured through a pillar structure on the OpenStack controller node.

  • [34111][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with inability to use novav21 to set up keypairs and aggregates in nova.client.

  • [34616][Pike, Queens] Updated Django to version 1.11.22 to obtain the latest security fixes.