• [34885] Fixed the issue with several Nova dashboards displaying empty panels.

  • [32579] Fixed the issue causing several Grafana dashboards with a large number of queries to occasionally display an error and no data after refreshing the dashboard.

  • [34663] Fixed the issue with the CinderApiDown and CinderApiOutage alerts randomly raising if Keystone is set up with an additional domain.

  • [34715] Fixed the issue with OVS alerts raising if Neutron Open vSwitch is not deployed.

  • [34929] Adjusted StackLight LMA to monitor only the pillar-defined interfaces to avoid issues with an excessive amount of useless metrics.

  • [34686] Fixed the issue with the Heat Grafana dashboard displaying no data in the Throughput and Latency graphs of the API performance panel.

  • [34923] Fix the issue with several Elasticsearch alerts being false-positively generated during the update of StackLight LMA using the Deploy - upgrade StackLight Jenkins pipeline job.