The DevOps Portal has been deprecated in the Q4`18 MCP release tagged with the 2019.2.0 Build ID.

The Janitor dashboard is the UI for the Cleanup service, also known as Janitor Monkey.

The Cleanup service is a tool that enables you to automatically detect and clean up unused resources in your MCP deployment that may include:

  • OpenStack resources: virtual machines
  • AWS resources: instances, EBS volumes, EBS snapshots, auto scaling groups, launch configurations, S3 bucket, security groups, and Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

The architecture of the service allows for easy configuration of the scanning schedule as well as a number of other operations. This section explains how to configure the Cleanup service to fit your business requirements as well as how to use the Janitor dashboard in the DevOps Portal.


The Cleanup service depends on the following services:

  • DevOps Portal web UI
  • Push Notification service
  • Cloud Intelligence service