Hardware Correlation

Hardware CorrelationΒΆ


The DevOps Portal has been deprecated in the Q4`18 MCP release tagged with the 2019.2.0 Build ID.

The Hardware (HW) correlation dashboard provides the capability to generate an on-demand dashboard that graphically illustrates the consumption of the physical host resources by VMs running on this host. For example, you can search for a VM and get a dashboard with the CPU, memory, and disk consumption for the compute node where this specific VM is running.


The HW correlation dashboard depends on the following services:

  • DevOps Portal web UI
  • Cloud Intelligence service
  • Prometheus service of StackLight LMA

To use the HW correlation dashboard:

  1. Log in to the DevOps Portal.

  2. Navigate to the HW correlation dashboard.

  3. To generate a dashboard for a compute host(s) on which a specific VM(s) is running:

    1. If required, filter the VMs list by tenants where they are running using the VM tenants filter.

    2. Select a VM(s) from the VMs drop-down list.


      By default, if the VM tenants filter is not used, all available VMs are present in the VMs drop-down list.

    3. If required, select resources from the Resources drop-down list.

    4. Click Search.

  4. Read the generated dashboard:

    • View the name of a compute host to which specified VMs belong and the list of selected VMs which are running on this host.

    • Examine the line graphs illustrating the resources consumption. To view the values with their measures, hover over a required line.


      The y-axis may contain suffixes, such as K, M, G, and others. These suffixes correspond to prefixes of the units of measurement, such as Kilo, Mega, Giga, and so on depending on the measure.

  5. To scale graphs by y-axis:

    • Click Zoom In to set y-axis start to the lowest point of selected lines and the y-axis end to the highest point of selected lines.
    • Click Zoom Out to switch to the default view where y-axis starts at 0 and ends at the highest point of all the lines on a chart.
  6. To scale graphs by x-axis:

    • Click Expand to expand a graph to the full width.
    • Click Collapse to switch to the default view.
  7. To select and hide lines on graphs:

    • Click on an item under a graph or on a line itself to view only the selected line. Combine this action with Zoom In for the detailed view.
    • Hover over an item under a graph to highlight the related line and mute the others.