The DevOps Portal has been deprecated in the Q4`18 MCP release tagged with the 2019.2.0 Build ID.

The Runbooks Automation service enables operators to create a workflow of jobs that get executed at specific time intervals or in response to specific events. For example, operators can automate periodic backups, weekly report creations, specific actions in response to failed Cinder volumes, and so on.


The Runbooks Automation service is not a lifecycle management tool, appropriate for reconfiguring, scaling, or updating MCP itself as these operations are exclusively performed with DriveTrain.


The Runbooks Automation service depends on the following services:

  • DevOps Portal web UI
  • PostgreSQL database

Using the Runbooks dashboard, operators can call preconfigured jobs or jobs workflows and track the execution status through the web UI.

Before you proceed with the dashboard, you may need to configure your own jobs or reconfigure the already existing ones to adjust them to special needs of your installation.

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