Add a new node

Add a new nodeΒΆ

Using MAAS, you can add new nodes in an unattended way called enlistment or manually, when enlistment does not work.

MAAS enlistment uses a combination of DHCP with TFTP and PXE technologies.


  • To boot a node over PXE, enable netboot or network boot in BIOS.

  • For KVM virtual machines, specify the boot device as network in the VM configuration file and add the node manually. You need to configure the Virsh power type and provide access to the KVM host as described in BMC Power Types.

  • To ignore the already deployed machines and avoid issues with the wait_for_ready Salt state failure, you may need to set ignore_deployed_machines to true in the Reclass model:

          ignore_deployed_machines: true

To add a new node manually:

  1. In the MAAS web UI, open the Nodes page.

  2. Click the Add hardware drop-down menu at the top-right corner and select Add machine.

  3. Set Machine name, Domain, Architecture, Minimum Kernel, Zone, MAC Address, Power type.


    See Configure power management for more details on power types.

  4. Click Save machine.

MAAS will add the new machine to the list of nodes with the status Comissioning.