Enable device discovery

Enable device discovery

MAAS provides passive and active methods of device discovery.

Passive methods include:

  • Listening to ARP requests

  • DNS advertisements

To enable passive device discovery:

  1. In the MAAS web UI, open the MAAS dashboard.

  2. On the MAAS dashboard, turn on the Discovery enabled switch.

  3. Verify if you can see the discovered devices on the MAAS dashboard.

Active methods include active subnet mapping that forces MAAS to discover nodes on all the subnets with enabled active mapping using an active subnet mapping interval value.

To enable active subnet mapping:

  1. In the MAAS web UI, open the Settings page.

  2. Go to the Device Discovery section.

  3. From the drop-down menu, select the value for Active subnet mapping interval.

  4. Open the Subnets page.

  5. Click the subnet you want to enable active mapping on.

  6. In the Subnet summary section, turn on the Active mapping switch.

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