Enable DHCP on a VLAN

Enable DHCP on a VLANΒΆ

Before enabling DHCP, ensure that you have the MAAS node network interface properly configured to listen to VLAN.

You can use external DHCP or enable MAAS-managed DHCP. Using an external DHCP server for enlistment and commissioning may work but is not supported. High availability also depends upon MAAS-managed DHCP.

To enable MAAS-managed DHCP on a VLAN:

  1. In the MAAS web UI, open the Subnets page.
  2. Click on the VLAN you want to enable DHCP on.
  3. In the VLAN configuration panel, you find DHCP Disabled.
  4. From the Take action drop-down menu at the top-right corner, select the Provide dhcp item.
  5. In the Provide DHCP panel, verify or change the settings for Rack controller, Subnet, Dynamic range start IP, Dynamic range end IP.
  6. Click Provide dhcp.
  7. In the VLAN configuration panel, verify that DHCP is enabled.