Commission a new node

Commission a new nodeΒΆ

When you add a new node, MAAS automatically starts commissioning the node once configuration is done. Also, you can commission a node manually.

To commision a new node manually:

  1. In the MAAS web UI, open the Nodes page.
  2. In the list of nodes, click the node you want to configure.
  3. In the node configuration window, click Take action at the top-right conner and select Commission.
  4. Select additional options by setting the appropriate check boxes to allow SSH access and prevent machine from powering off, retain network and storage configuration if you want to preserve data on the node. For example, if a node comes from an existing cloud with an instance on it.
  5. Click Go to start commissioning.
  6. Verify that the node status has changed to Ready and hardware summary in the node configuration window has been filled with values other than zeros, which means commisionining was successful.


Use MAAS CLI to commission a group of machines.