Configure Elasticsearch Curator

Configure Elasticsearch CuratorΒΆ

The Elasticearch Curator tool manages the data (indices) and the data retention policy in Elasticsearch clusters. You can modify the indices and the retention policy.

To configure Elasticsearch Curator:

  1. Open your Reclass model Git repository on the cluster level.

  2. Modify the classes/cluster/<cluster_name>/stacklight/log_curator.yml file as required:

    • To configure indices, set the required prefixes using the elasticsearch_curator_indices_pattern parameter. The default value is "^(log|audit)-.*$", meaning that Curator manages the indices with log- and audit- prefixes.
    • To configure the retention policy for logs and audit indices, specify the elasticsearch_curator_retention_period parameter. The retention period is set to 31 days by default.
    • To configure the retention policy for notification indices, specify the elasticsearch_curator_notifications_retention_period parameter. The retention period is set to 90 days by default.
  3. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  4. Apply the following state:

    salt -C 'I@elasticsearch:server' state.sls_id elasticsearch_curator_action_config elasticsearch