Prepare deploy images

Prepare deploy images

A deploy image is the image that the bare metal node is PXE-booted into during the image provisioning or node cleaning. It resides in the node’s RAM and has a special agent running that the ironic-conductor service communicates with to orchestrate the image provisioning and node cleaning.

Such images must contain drivers for all network interfaces and disks of the bare metal server.


This section provides example instructions on how to prepare the required images using the diskimage-builder tool. The steps may differ depending on your specific needs and the builder tool. For more information, see Building or downloading a deploy ramdisk image.

To prepare deploy images:

  1. Create the required image by typing:

    diskimage-create <BASE-OS> ironic-agent
  2. Upload the resulting *.kernel and *.initramfs images to Glance as aki and ari images:

    1. To upload an aki image, type:

      glance image-create --name <IMAGE_NAME> \
           --disk-format aki \
           --container-format aki \
           --file <PATH_TO_IMAGE_KERNEL>
    2. To upload an ari image, type:

      glance image-create --name <IMAGE_NAME> \
           --disk-format ari \
           --container-format ari \
           --file <PATH_TO_IMAGE_INITRAMFS>