Obtain Ubuntu security updates

Obtain Ubuntu security updatesΒΆ

You can obtain security updates for the host operating system packages of your OpenStack-based MCP cluster starting from the Build ID 2018.8.0 using the update repositories. The update repositories provide for update of the specific Ubuntu packages for the CI/CD, OpenStack, and StackLight LMA nodes.

To obtain Ubuntu security updates, proceed with one of the following:

  • For existing deployments:
    1. Add the update repositories.
    2. Apply the security updates as described below either manually or using the dedicated Jenkins pipeline.
  • For new deployments, starting from the Q3`18 Release Version, the update repositories are already included. Therefore, proceed with either Apply security updates manually or Apply Ubuntu security updates using Jenkins right away.


Due to a limitation, do not upgrade the cfg01 node.


Mirantis recommends that you plan a maintenance window due to rebooting of the nodes. The maintenance window time depends on the number of nodes, vRouters, and the complexity of workloads migration and is approximately two hours without regard to migration. During this period, MCP control plane may not be accessible. Network interrupts may occur during the namespaces rebuild because the gateway nodes will be rebooted. Workloads may be interrupted if you reboot the compute nodes.