Verify DriveTrain

Verify DriveTrain


This feature is available starting from the MCP 2019.2.17 maintenance update. Before using the feature, follow the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.

Using the Deploy - pre upgrade verify MCP Drivetrain Jenkins pipeline job, you can verify that your deployment model contains information about the necessary fixes and workarounds. Use the Jenkins pipeline job starting from the 2019.2.18 maintenance update.

To verify the deployment model before update:

  1. Synchronize the upgrade pipeline jobs with the default parameters:

    1. Log in to the Jenkins web UI.
    2. Run the following Jenkins pipeline jobs with default parameters:
      • git-mirror-downstream-mk-pipelines
      • git-mirror-downstream-pipeline-library
  2. Switch mcp-ci/pipeline-library to the version you are planning to update to. In branch value refs/tags/2019.2.X, substitute X with the desired maintenance update version. For example, if you want to apply maintenance update 2019.2.18, use the following command:

    salt -C "I@jenkins:client:lib" state.sls jenkins.client.lib pillar='{"jenkins": {"client": {"lib" : {"pipeline-library" : {"branch": "refs/tags/2019.2.18"}}}}}'
  3. In the global view, find the Deploy - pre upgrade verify MCP Drivetrain pipeline.

  4. Select the Build with Parameters option from the drop-down menu of the pipeline.

  5. Specify the following parameters:

    Deploy - pre upgrade verify MCP Drivetrain parameters
    Parameter Description and values
    MK_PIPELINES_REFSPEC Set to the desired maintenance update version. For example, if your version is 2019.2.17 and you want to verify 2019.2.18, set MK_PIPELINES_REFSPEC to 2019.2.18.
    PIPELINE_TIMEOUT The time for the Jenkins job to complete, set to 1 hour by default. If the time exceeds, the Jenkins job will be aborted.
    SALT_MASTER_CREDENTIALS Jenkins credentials to access the Salt Master API.
    SALT_MASTER_URL The URL of the Salt Master node API.
  6. Click Build.

  7. Once the job finishes, open report.html in the job artifacts. Review the report and fix issues, if any.