• [35178] Fixed the issue with an associated block_db partition being not removed from the block.db device during the Ceph OSD disk replacement. Added the capability to clean data partitions when running the Ceph - remove node and Ceph - remove OSD Jenkins pipeline jobs.

  • [29831] Added the missing capability to apply highstate on nodes when running the Ceph - upgrade and Update Ceph packages Jenkins pipeline jobs.

  • [35170] Fixed exception handling by adding the checks of the host parameter to the Ceph - add node, Ceph - remove node, and Ceph - remove OSD Jenkins pipeline jobs.

  • [35406] Fixed the issue with the ceph state failing to set up Ceph keyrings on a newly deployed OpenStack compute node.

  • [35124] To avoid RADOS Gateway VIP availability-related issues, added the RadosGWOutage and RadosGWDown alerts that raise if a RADOS Gateway endpoint is unreachable. For details, see MCP Operations Guide: Ceph alerts.

  • [35111] Refactored and adjusted the Ceph Grafana dashboards.

  • [35203] Fixed the issue with the Ceph - add node Jenkins pipeline job failing with the Salt state on node mon03.env.local failed exception.