• [34900][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue causing an increase of memory consumption by the neutron-dhcp-agent and memcached processes.

  • [35325][Queens] Fixed the issue with snapshots creation getting stuck with the AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘get’ exception in the scheduler logs if DriverFilter is enabled in cinder.conf.

  • [35127][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with the Unable to get Swift service info error message appearing on the Containers page of the Horizon web UI after upgrade of Swift.

  • [35252][Queens] Fixed the community issue causing Horizon to slow down in case of a large number of security groups.

  • [35094][Queens] Fixed the issue with the hypervisor host name being exposed only to administrative users of the Horizon web UI.

  • [35226][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue causing failure to update a Heat stack.

  • [35349][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with instance resize getting stuck in the post-migrating state.

  • [35206][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue occurring in case of port binding failures during instance move operations and causing inability to recover an instance or inability to restart the nova-compute service. Now, binding failures do not affect instance move operations.

  • [35308][Pike, Queens] Parameterized the enable_stack_abandon and enable_stack_adopt settings in the Heat Salt formula to allow enabling the stack abandon and stack adopt operations in Heat. Set to False by default.

  • [35310][Pike, Queens] Parameterized the extra_event_sources_list and extra_event_sinks_list settings in the Ceilometer Salt formula to allow extending event_sources_list and event_meter_list through the cluster model.

  • [35146][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with novav21.aggregate_present state ignoring the newly created aggregates and causing the aggregates update failure.

  • [35136][Queens] Fixed the issue with random Unexpected API error API error messages, caused by pymysql failures, appearing in the Nova logs.

  • [35199][Pike] Updated Manila packages to fix CVE-2020-9543. For details, see OSSA-2020-002.