• [35233] Fixed the SaltStack authentication bypass and directory traversal vulnerabilities. For details, see CVE-2020-11651 and CVE-2020-11652.

  • [34662] Fixed the issue affecting the Salt Master node upgrade with maas_enabled: false.

  • [16569] Fixed the issue causing inability to create flavors with nova.client if the OpenStack controller nodes had no access to the proxy network.

  • [35257] Fixed the issue with the Nova and Glance Salt formulas attempting to use a public endpoint unavailable from the OpenStack controller nodes.

  • [35205] Fixed the issue causing the Deploy - OpenStack Jenkins pipeline job to operate slowly.

  • [34962] Fixed the issue with the test=True option being ignored when applying the neutron.client Salt state.

  • [35388] Added the missing OpenSSH client example pillar for the .ssh/config configuration missing in the OpenSSH Salt formula.

  • [35006] Fixed multiple issues with MAAS machine processing.