• [35421] Fixed the issue with StackLight sending a large number of duplicated alerts to Salesforce due to false-resolved notifications on the Prometheus side.

  • [35235] Fixed the expression and summary mismatch in the SystemMemoryFullMajor and SystemMemoryFullWarning alerts.

  • [34980] Fixed the issue with parsing of multiline auditd logs in systemd inputs.

  • [34611] Fixed handling of Neutron metrics when using the LinuxBridge networking plugin. Renamed the Neutron Grafana dashboard OpenvSwitch panels to L2 and the Neutron OpenvSwitch Agent panel to Neutron L2 Agent.

  • [35339] Fixed the issue causing the following Salesforce-related services being unavailable due to inability to authenticate to Salesforce:

    • Salesforce notifier for both encrypted and non-encrypted pillar
    • Salesforce reporter (Gainsight) for an encrypted pillar
  • [35346] Fixed the issue with the CVP - StackLight tests Jenkins pipeline job failing when running the test_nova_telegraf_metrics test. The issue occurred due to the max_limit setting, specified in nova.conf, restricting the number of retrieved servers from Nova. Now, this setting is ignored.

  • [35343] Fixed the issue with the CVP - StackLight tests Jenkins pipeline job failing with the TimeoutError: Incorrect image count in metric error message when running the test_glance_metrics test.

  • [35204] Parameterized the --web.cors.origin flag to allow configuring a CORS origin regex for Prometheus.

  • [35022] To avoid misinterpretation, the Telegraf metrics gathering alert was split into two separate alerts:

    • TelegrafGatherErrors - a node-based Fluentd alert
    • TelegrafRemoteGatherErrors - a container-based Fluentd alert, centralized through Docker Swarm

    For details, see MCP Operations Guide: Telegraf.

  • [34821] Increased the prometheus-es-exporter per-aggregate result size to avoid situations when some logs are missing in Elasticsearch. Added the ElasticsearchExporterNoDailyLogs alert that raises when no new published logs from a given node are detected by the Elasticsearch exporter.