In the MCP 2019.2.7 maintenance update, Mirantis introduces the following enhancements for DriveTrain:

To obtain the enhancements, follow the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.

Authentication for the Aptly repository

Added the capability to enable authentication for the Aptly repository to restrict unauthenticated access to Aptly API.

Sosreport tool support

Added the capability to use the sosreport tool, an extensible and portable support data collection tool, which creates diagnostic snapshots of the system, including the system log files and configuration details, archives the obtained data, and attaches the archive to a Salesforce case.

Configuring the number of instances to map

Added the capability to configure the number of instances to map in one iteration. By default, Nova runs in batches of 50 instances and the timeout for operation is set to 60 seconds. Now you can configure the maximum number of instances and timeout using the mapped_instances_max_count and mapped_instances_interval parameters. However, take into account that increasing the mapped_instances_max_count value increases the amount of RAM used.

When increasing the timeout for operation, consider updating the NGINX timeout on the Salt Master node to a value larger than mapped_instances_interval. For details, see 34308.

Sanity checks improvement

Improved the CVP - Sanity checks Jenkins pipeline job by adding the capability to specify the override_config variable in EXTRA_PARAMS to override the global configuration.

Kernel version management

Implemented the capability to manage the Ubuntu kernel version to install the required version instead of the default one during the nodes provisioning.

Update process improvement

TECHNICAL PREVIEW Fully available in 2019.2.8

To avoid issues with unexpected changes in mirrors, added the capability to specify the target maintenance update version using the TARGET_MCP_VERSION parameter in the Deploy - upgrade MCP DriveTrain pipeline job. For details, see step 2 in MCP Operations Guide: Update DriveTrain and step 15 in MCP Operations Guide: Upgrade DriveTrain.