In the MCP 2019.2.7 maintenance update, Mirantis introduces the following enhancements for StackLight:

To obtain the enhancements, follow the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.

Authentication for Prometheus and Alertmanager

Implemented authentication for Prometheus and Alertmanager web UIs through the proxy nodes that are available if external access to cloud resources is enabled in your OpenStack deployment.

OpenStack tenant monitoring

Enhanced OpenStack tenant monitoring by improving the Grafana dashboards:

  • Improved the Ceph pools overview dashboard to display the read and write IOPS and throughput per pool as well as sort the pools by top 5.
  • Added the Nova - users and Nova - tenants dashboards and improved the Nova - instances dashboard to display comprehensive information about the usage and allocation of CPU, RAM, disk throughput, IOPS, and space by file, network, and block devices, as well as the information about the network throughput. Added the capability to sort these metrics by top users, tenants, and instances.
  • Improved the Nova - utilization dashboard.
  • Removed the Openstack - Tenants dashboard in favor of the informative Nova - users and Nova - tenants dashboards.

Prometeus alerts enhancement

Enhanced the Prometheus alerts by adding the PrometheusRuleEvaluationsFailed alert that raises in case of evaluation failures of the Promethues recording rules.