Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • [34940] Fixed the issue with system packages upgrade causing the maas-dhcpd service being non-operational, leading to inability to perform PXE boot.

  • [34798] Fixed the issue with DriveTrain update failing with the Error with request: HTTP Error 504: Gateway Time-out error message.

  • [34615] Fixed the issue causing the salt-call state.highstate test=true Salt state to update the OpenStack endpoints instead of showing the intended changes.

  • [34468] Fixed the issue with several Jenkins pipeline jobs occasionally failing with timeout error when synchronizing Salt modules or refreshing Salt pillars.

  • [34861] Fixed the issue with the gnocchi.server Salt state failing to apply changes to policy.json.

  • [34848] Fixed the issue with Jenkins slaves being unable to connect to Jenkins master during the update of MCP versions prior to 2019.2.4.

  • [34973] Fixed the issue with inability to set the Glance disk and container formats through the Glance Salt formula.

  • [34958] Fixed the issue with known_hosts autopopulation getting stuck for more than 30 minutes in case one or more servers are down. Added the capability to modify known_hosts_autopopulation through the OpenSSH Salt formula.

  • [34296] Fixed the issue with the CVP - Sanity checks Jenkins pipeline missing support for secured repositories.

  • [34651] Updated jenkins-master to version 2.204.3 to obtain the latest security fixes.